BodhiSattva Slimming KIT - Body Treatments
BodhiSattva Slimming Kit® contains:

1. BodhiSattva Holistic Body Peeling Cream helps the skin look smoother, brighter and more radiant. It removes smegma, sweat and dead cells from the skin’s surface, while in parallel eliminating pollution particles, achieving the thinning of the stratum corneum, layer of the skin. It has also polishing, whitening, shining action and hydrating properties. [special price: €21.50]

2. BodhiSattva Anti-Cellulite Intensive Treatment Cream Gel is a combination of active molecules of natural caffeine and soy isoflavones that activates lipolysis and decreases the process of lipogenesis. Natural Phospholipids from soybeans -which imitate the cell membranes, transport the active ingredients in the centre of cells, achieving greater penetration in the deeper layers of the skin and therefore more effective lipolytic treatment & firmness. [special price: €31.00]

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Product Properties

Hollistic Body Peeling Cream
Certified Organic Body Peeling Cream, naturally preserved and enhanced with natural & pure essential oil of Lemon, Almond Shell Granules & natural extracts & oils of Jojoba, Calendula, Chamomile & Almond.

Anti-Cellulite Intensive Treatment Cream Gel
This certified organic cream gel is naturally preserved and contains natural caffeine & soy isoflavones, bio-organic extracts & brews of cocoa bean, green tea & red clover, bio-organic oils of apricot & grapes & Provitamin B5.

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