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In a few weeks the smell of summer will be in the air!.. Our bathing suits will be our daily “priority" and just before this happens the inevitable dialogue with our mirror will take place! Don’t despair! We have prepared for you your secret weapon: a small but miraculous gift for yourself, BodhiSattva Summer Beauty Kits…and with the minimum of daily effort, you will get in shape again and will enjoy summer… in beauty!

Body: BodhiSattva Slimming KIT - [Holistic Body Peeling Cream + Anti-Cellulite Intensive Cream Gel = €52,50 (20% off)]

Face: BodhiSattva Detox Facial - [Soft Cleansing Facial Milk + Lemon Holistic Facial Peeling Cream + Rose Hydrosol + Evening Primrose Intensive Facial Oil = €73,60 (20% off)]

These two special offers are valid until 30/06/2011 and are subject to availability.
Body: Exfoliating & Slimming
BodhiSattva Slimming KIT - Body Treatments

Face: Cleansing+Exfoliating+Hydrating+Nourishing
BodhiSattva Detox Facial - Facial Treatments

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