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lilac hydrosol
BodhiSattva Hydrosols
50ml e
Price: 25.00
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lavender massage & body oil
BodhiSattva Massage & Body Oils
50ml e
Price: 34.00
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Pure Beauty
Present day tendencies in cosmetology a come-back to pure, naturally extracted plants & herbs, natural preservatives and the use of non allergenic substances in order to create high quality cosmetics that have beneficial and therapeutic properties without promising miracles.

Bodhisattva designs and creates intensive care products for personal hygiene. These products contain pure natural essential oils, herbs, brews and plant oils & extracts that come from organic cultivations. The ingredients of the cosmetic bases are extracted from plants and are preserved exclusively with natural preservatives.

Beauty Remedies & Treatments

14, Solonos Str. 106 73 Athens Greece
T: +30 210 3649040 F: +30 210 3649041

anti-cellulite intensive treatment cream gel
BodhiSattva Intensive Body Treatments-Slimming
100ml e
Price: 27.00
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lemon holistic face peeling cream
BodhiSattva Exfoliation-Face
50ml e
Price: 18.00
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